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Can you camp in Hawaii? As one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, it is also one of the priciest to find lodging. Which is why a lot of travelers, especially those in large groups and families, are looking for ways to stretch the budget and are asking if it’s permissible to camp in the Aloha state.

Yes, you can camp in Hawaii, and there are many great places to consider as you look into the prospect of pitching a tent near the beach. However, as you consider camping and all the ways it will save you money, you should also consider all the ways it might cause a bit of trouble and discomfort. Before we get into the pros and cons of camping in Hawaii, let me at least give a few suggestions of places you can legally camp in Hawaii.

Places you can camp in Hawaii

Anahola Beach Park

Hanalei Bay

Keokea Beach Park

Laupahoehoe Point Park

Punaluu County Beach Park

Kipahulu Campground

Camp Olowalu

Pros of Camping in Hawaii

You save money otherwise spent on expensive hotels

You make lasting memories

You can hear the beautiful ocean waves

You can get to know some of the other neighbor camping families

Cons of Camping in Hawaii

You have to get dressed to go find the toilet facility

Showers aren’t always readily available

It isn’t as safe as staying in a hotel

Sometimes the neighbor camping folks are too noisy

Bugs can be a bother

No air conditioning


Here’s my advice when it comes to camping in Hawaii. If you’re choosing to do so primarily because it will save you money, it really isn’t worth the trouble. Spend the extra money at a comfortable hotel with housekeeping, plumbing, and parking. You’ll be glad you did.

Now if you’re planning on camping in Hawaii primarily because you want the unique experience of sleeping in the great outdoors on a beautiful island, then you’re in luck! Hawaii has plenty of great places for you to do so.


In our day when everyone is looking for a way to get away and experience some reprieve from the pandemic’s lockdown, many are looking to Air BNBs as the best solution. This is because Air BnBs don’t have the crowds and busy staff buzzing around hotels and motels, which means you can still enjoy some “isolation” in your getaway experience. If you’re one of those Air BnB-ers looking to make your Air BnB experience truly momentous and one never-to-be-forgotten, then be sure to take a look at this list of some of the most popular Air BnBs.

The list below is derived from a Reader’s Digest article that lists the most popular Air BnB in each state. I’ve decided to include some of, what I think, are the most interesting and notable ones. For the full list, be sure to check out the Readers Digest article.

My top 3 from the Readers Digest article

#1 The Idaho Urban Yurt

If you’ve ever heard of “glamping” then you have a pretty good idea of what this yurt is. It’s a huge circular yurt with a wood floor, fireplace, couch, desk, massive rug, electricity, and more. This is a fantastic vacation solution, even during the cold Idaho winter months.

#2 The Silo Cottage in Massachusetts

Looking as if it belongs in an illustrated page from the Hobbit, this cute, cylindrical wooden cottage is perfect for a short storybook vacation. It’s referred to as the Berkshires escape and coasts about $225 (at the writing of this article).

#3 A five-star tree house in Montana

There are multiple tree house Air BnBs in the country, but this once in Montana certainly takes the cake! It has an exterior spiral staircase, is multiple levels, and it truly a master suite in a tree.


These are my top three, but don’t miss the other 47 listed in the great Readers Digest article!


While everyone has heard of Airbnb, not everyone has heard what the “bnb” part means. It stands for “Bed and Breakfast.” This may come as a surprise to some readers, because, as those who’ve had an Airbnb experience and can testify, breakfast is not a normal part, nor is it an expectation, of a typical Airbnb stay.

When I read the story of Airbnb’s founding, I was surprised that some enterprising entrepreneur hadn’t run with the concept earlier. I mean, it’s brilliant!

It all started . . .

It all started in 2007, when college buddies Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia came up the idea of creating a “bed and breakfast” in their small San Francisco apartment by renting out a simple air mattress on the living room floor. As everyone knows, San Francisco has a reputation for being overly-crowded and not having an adequate inventory of affordable lodging solutions. Realizing they had likely tapped into a gold mine opportunity in the hospitality industry, the friends turned their concept into a business and launched a company called AirBed & Breakfast.

Soon after hosting their first paying customers, and with a functional website in place, the friends further developed the idea by attending business start-up workshops at the 2008 Industrial Design Conference. It was there that they attracted the interest of investors at Y-Combinator, a startup incubator training program sponsored by computer programmer Paul Graham. The folks at Y-Combinator were intrigued with the AirBed & Breakfast concept and, in exchange for a small stake in the company, Y-Combinator provided $20,000 of seed capital to take the venture to the next level.

Incredible growth

Less than a year later, the company had 10,000 users and 2,500 listings. A decade later, over 2 million people were staying with Airbnb each night.

Airbnb is unique in the hospitality industry. It competes with hotels, but it owns no hotels. Instead, the company acts has a broker, matching vacation property owners with willing renters. That’s it! And although COVID-19 affected its operations, it didn’t paralyze the company. When the virus hit, CEO Brian Chesky let 1,900 of its employees go of the total 7,500 workforce.

Give your little ideas serious thought!

So, the next time you come up with a little idea, like renting the air mattress, give it some serious thought! It just might be the next billion-dollar solution!

Tree Trimming in Melbourne, Florida

We are a tree service Melbourne provider operating in Melbourne, Florida. We have made it our purpose to ensure that every Melbourne resident has safe, healthy, functional, and beautiful trees. Our tree service Melbourne team is made up of motivated and experienced individuals who are passionate about ensuring that all trees in Melbourne are adding value to both residential and commercial properties.

On top of owning an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certification, we have ISA-certified arborists in our team. Over the years, the arborists have helped save a wide range of trees from different health issues and pest infestations. To ensure that we are offering our Melbourne clients high-quality tree services, we have invested in all the necessary tree care equipment.

Why Hiring Tree Service Melbourne Professionals is Always a Good Idea

If you look at a tree, it is easy to assume that tree services, such as pruning, trimming, etc. are easy to handle. This is not always the case. Without the right tree care equipment and tree service experience, chances of getting injured and damaging both the tree and your property go up.

If you end up with a broken bone, you will have to spend a lot of cash on the medical bills. If you happen to damage your property, you may need to use thousands of dollars on the repairs. If you damage the tree irreparably, you may have to remove and probably replace it.

Below, we have some of the reasons more and more Melbourne residents are investing in services offered by tree care professionals:

  • Knowledge – Tree service providers have enough knowledge to know the corrective measures which need to be taken to restore the tree health.
  • Experience – After offering tree care services for years, professionals become familiar with different tree issues and how to fix them. For example, years of experience allow the professionals to trim and prune trees near power lines without damaging the utility lines.
  • Tools – Professional tree service providers have tools for all common tree services. Also, the professionals already know how to handle the tools. This makes it possible for them to handle even sophisticated tree services with ease.

Professional Melbourne Tree Services

Offering unmatched tree services in Melbourne has always been our number one goal. Our arborists have already received certification from ISA. The arborists are capable of investigating your trees, figuring out what is wrong with them, and recommending corrective measures which produce results.

On top of helping out when your trees are facing health and pest-infestation issues, our team is capable of offering the following tree services:

  • Emergency tree services
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree trimming

We are always willing to discuss the tree services you need and offer an affordable price. If we won’t be able to provide a quote without assessing your trees, we will send an arborist to your property to take a look at your trees.

Below, we take a deeper look at the tree care services we offer:

Melbourne Tree Removal

We will only recommend tree removal after confirming that there is no ideal way of saving the tree. In some cases, for example, when the tree has turned into a safety hazard, tree removal is the only solution.

We handle big and small tree removals in Melbourne. On top of our team having the much-needed experience, we have all the necessary tools. We will remove the tree without damaging your property or touching the utility lines, irrespective of how close they are to the tree.

Melbourne Tree Trimming

Tree trimming in Melbourne has a large number of benefits to offer. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved appearance and structure
  • Better air circulation
  • Improved sunlight exposure
  • Improved view
  • Opening up the property

We make it extremely easy for Melbourne residents to enjoy all the above benefits. To make sure that everything is done correctly, we only start working on the trees after we are 100% sure that we understand what you want us to do.

Our Melbourne tree trimming team has handled a wide variety of trimming jobs in the past. When working with us, you can be sure that you will get the tree look you want.

Melbourne Tree Pruning

We are well equipped to handle all sorts of tree pruning. Irrespective of whether your trees are in close proximity to the power lines or your house, we will ensure that you enjoy all the tree pruning benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Eliminating tree hazards
  • Improving tree health
  • Suppressing or stimulating the tree growth

To make sure that we get rid of the right branches, our arborists will inspect the tree first and recommend the branches which should be sawed off. We always take our client’s suggestions into consideration when pruning trees.

Melbourne Emergency Tree Removal

If an unexpected turn of events turns your previously safe trees into safety hazards, they may need to be removed as soon as possible. If you ignore destabilized trees, they could end up harming you, a family member, or your property.

We are always willing to handle Melbourne emergency tree removals. We know that property owners are never expecting tree issues which result from things like storms. This is why our team is always ready to work outside their normal work hours. Our goal is to make sure that every Melbourne resident is living in a safe home. To fix unexpected tree-related issues, all you will need to do is pick up your phone and call us.

Melbourne Arborist

Our team of certified arborists will help ensure that your trees are always healthy, functional and appealing. To do this, our arborists offer the following services:

  • Planting – After inspecting the soil and climatic conditions, our arborists will recommend the best tree varieties you can plant. They will also guide you on the tree planting process.
  • Health care – After inspecting your diseased or pest-infested trees, our arborists will recommend a treatment procedure that works.
  • Pruning – Our arborists will ensure that only the right branches are removed.

Other services offered by our arborist include:

  • Formulating protection plans ahead of construction activities
  • Hazard assessment

Our arborists have the ability to offer you all the tree care services you need. Our tree care team can help you with all the tree varieties you have on your property.

pizza truck at the montage

No industry has suffered more devastation because of the coronavirus than the hospitality and tourism industry. Airlines are descending into bankruptcy, resorts are mothballed, and hotel rooms remain empty. As summer begins to open, tourism essentially remains closed. Notices of summer event cancellations and layoffs of hotel staff are a regular occurrence in the daily drumbeat of the news.

In the fight to stay open and remain relevant during the pandemic, the hospitality industry is getting a little creative.

Look no further than Las Vegas, Nevada, for an example of the creative lengths the industry is experimenting with in order to jumpstart the economy of tourism. For example, some resorts and casinos are offering FREE FLIGHTS just to get people there. Others are enticing tourists with incredibly cheap hotel rooms and resort stays.

A recent Forbes article summed up the desperate situation best when the author wrote, “The hope is that travelers will return to the tourism-dependent city, which has been hard-hit by closures due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Strip’s largest casino properties were each losing nearly $700,000 a day—on gaming alone—during the closure. According to another report, the Las Vegas-based MGM Resorts was losing $14.4 million daily while its 18 casinos were shut down.”

The tourist-magnet island of Sicily is luring people to its shores by paying 50% of the flight fare for each traveler and offering a free night stay for every three nights on the island. The “one free night for every three” is paid for by the island government’s department of tourism.

Additionally, Sicily’s government is waiving all entrance fees for museums and archeological sites.

It’s estimated that the Sicilian government is investing €50 million to help keep tourism going through this marketing scheme.

Clearly, these types of marketing moves are moves of desperation. Yet, desperate times call for desperate measures. Hopefully, more of us can play our part by finding ways to support the hospitality and tourism industry while they struggle to remain afloat.


Nobody wakes up in the morning hoping to greet a day full of grumps.  Obviously, that’s true for travelers looking for some much deserved R&R.  It is surprising, though, how many “happy” travelers forget that everyone, including hotel staff, deserve to experience happiness in their days, too.  Unfortunately, many travelers treat hotel staff with an inordinate level of rudeness.  (This is also true for others in the hospitality and travel industry, including and especially airlines).

Of course you expect hotel staff to be courteous, kind, and professional.  From Marriott to Motel 6, it’s part of the lodging experience.  However, if you want them to be extra nice, a little reciprocated courtesy can go a long way toward that end.  Want a free upgrade to your room?  Trust me, your chances will improve if you ask politely.  It really is elementary.

With that said, here are three simple things guests can do to make hotel staff happy

  • Acknowledge their presence with a polite greeting

The maintenance staff pushing those cleaning carts down the hallway are real people, not robots.  It’s okay to say hi. Walking past them, pretending like they’re not there, makes you look uncaring and sometimes snobbish.  Your encountered silence would be expected on a bustling New York sidewalk, but when it’s just the two of you in a long hotel hallway, at least give a nod and pleasant “Good Morning!”

  • Tip them

I’m always amazed at how willing society is to tip the folks who bring us food and gather our dishes, but that same society is unwilling to tip the folks who make our beds and clean our toilets.  Part of this tipping-inequality conundrum can be explained through the issue of anonymity.  We usually don’t see the people who clean and tidy our hotel rooms, and therefore feel less guilty as sans-tipping hotel guests.  Whereas, we interact quite a bit with servers at restaurants.

It is entirely appropriate to tip your cleaning staff.  According to a CNN article written on this topic, a good rule-of-thumb is to tip $1 to $2 per person, per night.  So, if there are two people in your room, leave a tip $2 to $4 per night.  Not only is it polite to tip, it’s quite affordable, and . . . also quite fashionable!

  • Tidy-up after yourself

Tips are appreciated, but so is not being a slob.  Just because you know the cleaning staff will make your bed, doesn’t mean you have to suddenly turn into a 3-year-old and throw the covers on the floor in a bundle.  Just because you know the staff will pick up the pillows, doesn’t mean you can’t help a little.  Show a little grown-up decorum by doing 90% of the bed-making and let them tighten things up.

Your hotel’s cleaning staff aren’t supposed to be hazmat specialists.  Don’t expect them to make everything germ-free.  As a frequent traveler, I’ve learned that people are pretty gross.  That’s why I always keep a handful of Melaleuca products formulated to help combat against the seen (and unseen!) nastiness of hotel rooms.  Just because the cleaning staff wipes down toilet seats doesn’t mean you can’t add an extra level of disinfectant by giving another wipe to the seat.  The same is true for handles on doors and sinks.  Don’t forget the remote control.

pizza truck at the montage

When planning our destination wedding,  we decided to do something a little different to help keep both mine and my husbands 3rd wedding casual.  Don’t get me wrong,  the Montage in Laguna Beach is anything but casual,  it is an amazing resort set on the bluffs in Laguna Beach,  so when we invited 30 of our closest friends and family to travel all the way to southern California to celebrate with us,  we wanted to do something a little different for the night before the wedding,  so we hired a pizza catering truck which was one of the most memorable parts of our festivities. Wedding at Montage Pizza has this nostalgic child like feeling to it and the place that we had read about Sgt. Pepperonis and eventually hired was the best pizza a girl could ask for the night before her 3rd marriage! Hahahaha… I wanted to share a few points for any bride and groom to be about hiring a pizza truck for your wedding catering.  Think about it! Pizza kinda relaxes your guests and it says look at us,  we’re still kids at heart.  Please remember that we had this as our rehearsal dinner and it was set on the bluffs of Laguna Beach,  sooooo…. nonetheless here are a few tings to think about if your thinking about doing a pizza truck. Pizza Catering Truck in OC

Neapolitan, margherita, vegetarian and mozzarella pizza… We have an almost infinite variety of possibilities when it comes to eating this delicious dish, right? Pizza is one of the most delightful dishes that exist! And it has come to conquer not only the hearts of the young ones of the house but also that of adults and the elderly’s. We all enjoy eating it! Especially when it comes to a celebration or sharing with people close to us. However, the question always arises “Is it appropriate to serve pizza in an event? And, if you continue reading, you will discover the reasons why having a Pizza Truck for parties can become one of your best options.

  1. Everyone loves pizza!

Choosing a type of food that all your guests may like can be a bit tedious, nevertheless, pizza is a universal option since it is very improbable that someone does not like it. Therefore, serving pizza can greatly relieve you in terms of time and organization. In addition, its wide range of flavors can help you meet the tastes of many more people, so everyone can choose the pizza of their choice.

  1. Pizza can be adapted to any event.

This happens, precisely, thanks to its different forms of preparation. The pizza can vary in terms of its dough, sauce and toppings. Therefore, you can go from having an informal dish to offer a delicate gourmet pizza in seconds. This makes it a 100% safe selection for both informal and more formal or demanding events.

  1. It is very easy to serve.

Have you seen how versatile pizza is? It can be eaten in various ways due to its different presentations. In this way, you can have complete pizzas that are served in portions, which can be eaten by hand or served on plates. And, if you prefer, you can request mini-pizzas, which are ideal to serve as tasty snacks

  1. You get rid of dirtying your kitchen!pizza catering truck orange county

As you read it, can you imagine having such a delicious meal and keeping your kitchen clean at the same time? Well, having a Pizza Truck for parties is your best option in this case! Organizing an event means having to spend hours in the kitchen, first cooking and then cleaning it, but with one of these food vehicles you can forget about those tedious practices and focus on enjoying your party with the rest of your guests.

  1. It is very economical.

Another particular advantage of pizza is that it is a fairly inexpensive dish to prepare. Similarly, when it comes to party packages, large quantities of pizza usually cost much less than any other type of food. So, do not hesitate to request information about a party pizza service, it you can save lots of money.

In conclusion, having a Pizza Truck for your parties is a decision that can help you in many ways. Moreover, we are completely sure that your guests will be very grateful for it. You will see them lining up in front of it to enjoy the great and wonderful variety of pizza they will have available to eat!