Hot Mop for hotels in LA


Hot Mop for hotels in LA

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When you develop a new property whether it is in Rome, New York or Los Angeles, there are so many details that you need to touch. The first things is the design of the foyer, this is the immediate impact to the guests as they arrive into our hotel, we make sure that our lobby reflect the culture of the cities that we are in and also the demographic that we are attempting to attract. The entrance into our property is really the baseline for the overall experience that we are offering. The amenities are also a key component for the guest experience, the pool, jacuzzi, spa, suana, these details are never overlooked. The things go on behind the walls are also carefully considered, such as the type of wood we use tile, how do we water proof our shower pans, we search for the highest quality products and of course the highest quality service contractors. When we create a hotel we are typically working anywhere from 25 room boutique hotels to 2,500 room grand resorts, so we do our diligence in choosing the most well represented general contractors, as well as expert electricians, plumbers, roofers, hot moppers, flooring personal in the business.

The flooring is always something that we take into great detail, especially in the showers, since we use very expensive tiles in our resorts we need to ensure that we do not have to come in and have to break it apart if there is some sort of leak, so what we do is make sure that the shower pans are hot mopped with hot tar, this ensures that the shower is water proofed, so that we can lay the tile over and there will not be any leaks or wood rot, this is essential.

The design of pools can be very expensive but can become the highlight of your property, this can be what shows up in all the magazines and newspapers. I think that when you design a property the best thing to do is get your plan and get the most reliable contractors in the area, make sure to do your due diligence and get some references before engaging in business.